Thursday, April 21, 2016

Clark's Regiment recruiting letter

April 16, 1863, Tyler Reporter
Head Quarters Clark‘s Regiment, }Camp Near Pine Bluff, Ark., Feb. 23, ’63. }
To the people of Texas:
You have always been noted for the readiness with which you give aid to

your country when she needs assistance. You have liberally and nobly contributed in the prosecution of the present war. You are still willing to do so, I know, if further contributions are necessary. Though the present indications are somewhat propitious, we should depend alone upon ourselves for peace. Other nations may help us when it suits their interest to do so, and our enemy is not worthy of trust in any case. There may yet be much hard fighting to do to end the war, and the commands now in the field having been depleted by death and other causes, need replenishing. It devolves upon you to fill them up, and I therefore invite your attention to the following extract from a circular of the Adjutant and Inspector General, of date the 18th January, 1863:
“Such persons as are liable to conscription will be allowed to join any particular company and regiment, requiring recruits, in which the officers “(enrolling or recruiting)” may be serving. In like manner such persons as are within conscript ages, and who may come forward and offer themselves for service, will be allowed to volunteer, and will receive all the benefits which are secured by law to volunteers. Recruits thus obtained, however, must, in all cases, enter companies already in the service, and cannot be organized into new companies or regiments.”
By the above extract you perceive that you still have the opportunity of volunteering. Forced service is distasteful to you. It would be an anomaly in the history of Texas. I desire to replenish my regiment, and invite you to join me. I would be pleased to receive you, and think you would find as pleasant service in my command and the Brigade to which it is attached, as any other. Capt. L. B. Wood, Company “K,” of Polk county, and Lt. J. D. G. Adrian, Company “C,” of Smith county, are on their way to Texas, and are authorized to recruit for their respective companies. Other recruiting officers will be dispatched to Texas and notice given.
Edward Clark.Col. Clark’s Tex. Regt. 

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