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Hopsons in Newspaper

February 22, 1934

(Special Correspondence)
Leagueville, Feb 19 - Another blizzard has arrived and just at the time we had decided spring was near. Seems like we’ll have to agree with the ground hog.

Rev. Spivey
 filled his regular appointment at the church during the week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Arch Crawford and children have recently moved into the community. We are very glad to have them.

Mrs. Lee Hopson and children spent part of last week in the Sam Gideon home.

Still quite a bit of sickness here. Miss Ethel Cooie, who has been very ill, is reported to be improving.

A very large crowd enjoyed a musical at the Gene Tindel home Tuesday night. Special music was furnished by the Bearcat string band of Brownsboro.

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hopson and T. B. Taylor were business visitors to Corsicana Thursday and Friday.

Singing continues to be good. Mr. and Mrs. Splawn and Mr. and Mrs. John Pickering and other visitors attended last Wednesday night and the writer was absent for the first time. We have probably the largest class in the county and are always glad to welcome visitors. So if you are a lover of singing, come out and be with us.

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Fields and children spent Sunday in the C. H. Hopson home.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Brownlow and Mr. and Mrs. Seaborn Tindel of Oklahoma were visitors here last week. Mr. Tindal and Mrs. Brownlow are former residents of the county.

Mrs. Ebb Adair who was called to the bedside of her sister at Garden Valley, has returned home.

Not much news this week; too cold to learn any.

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