Sunday, May 22, 2016

H.M. Rounsavall - death

Arch Nichols and Russell Williams were wandering around in Leagueville, near the pipeline. They heard a shot coming from across from Ruth Horton's house. They ran up there and Johnnie Hopson had shot H.M. Rounsavall. H.M. had fired a shot at Johnnie, and Johnnie grabbed a shot gun. H.M. had grabbed the barrel and Johnnie fired, shooting off H.M.'s finger tips and into his stomach.

Dr. Horton came around to see about H.M. and told Homer: "I can probably fix your fingers up but I can't do anything about the stomach. You had better get to a hospital."

Sel Smith had a studabaker and Arch and Sel loaded H.M. up and headed to a hospital.

Highway 175 wasn't in existence, but there was a sandy road that ran through to Jacksonville. However, given the time of year, August, cars couldn't make the trip through. So, they had to drive around through Tyler to Jacksonville. On the way through Tyler they had a flat tire. Sel had a jub of moonshine in the car and during the tire change asked H.M. if he needed a drink. H.M. said, "I believe I do and you know how I like it." It was understood that H.M. wanted the moonshine straight-up and not cut with water.

After the tire change the studabaker made it to Jacksonville. H.M. was in the elevator headed to the fourth floor where surgery could take place when he died.

as re-told by my Grandad, May 22, 2016 before church. We sat in the utility room and talked about Genealogy, various people in the community, and how my work at school was going.

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